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VFW Post 3404 is very involved in our community. From scholarship programs like Patriots Pen, Voice of Democracy, Scout of the year, and Teacher of the year, to Flag Education and our Buddy Poppy program, inspired by the poem "In Flander's Field," the VFW continues its members' desires to serve America. For more information, visit the VFW Community site.


VFW believes strongly in good citizenship and fostering patriotism. That’s why we encourage youthful minds to examine our nation’s history and their own experiences in modern American society through our Patriot’s Pen youth essay-writing contest.

Annually, roughly 124,000, students from grades 6-8, enter to win one of several savings bonds totaling $1.1 million, as well as an all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C. for the National first place winner.

Students draft a 300-400 word essay, expressing their views based on an — always patriotic — annual theme chosen by the VFW Commander-in-Chief.


What Does Patriotism Look Like?
By Trevor Moore

Looking down the immense mountain, the soldiers could not see the dark red Iwo Jima water and the thousands of American causalities through the cascading downpour. Hardened expressions on their determined faces epitomized American patriotism. Bloody and exhausted, the soldiers peered around in anguish for the battle had not yet been won, but they knew their initiative. The battle would continue until our star spangled banner was hoisted over Mount Suribachi declaring victory, and that it did after four extended days of battle.

This contribution to American history was one of many victories that allow our nation to thrive. Without the combined service of so many willing veterans, many of the everyday things we take for granted would be no more.

Patriotism is defined by love, devotion, and service to one's country. How can we as united American citizens be patriotic? I think patriotism can be expressed in many ways. Voting for the candidate who is determined to fight socialism and liberate our poor is today's front-line soldier. The community servant who works long hours organizing a food bank for the less fortunate is today's patriot. The young scholar who studies with bloodshot, drooping eyes through the long night hours is both today's patriot and tomorrow's hero. Those long hours will lead to both a personal financial payoff and a stronger economy for us all.

All of these things are so often overlooked and not appreciated. Most people think of patriotism as U.S. troops overseas risking their lives day in and day out, but patriotism is much more complex. Patriotism is a man whose beet-red face is pouring down sweat, as he continues to work to support his wife and son back home. Patriotism is the young girl who stands up and sings the Star Spangled Banner pouring her heart and soul into it no matter what the other students think. These patriots do these actions undeniably because they are devoted to, and love their country.

When we say the Pledge of Allegiance, established by Francis Bellamy over 100 years ago, we are not pledging to a flag, we are pledging to the people who sacrifice time for family. We are pledging to the faith and the courage of men and women who risk their lives to keep us "One Nation under God."

Note: Trevor Moore, an 8th grade student at Reed Academy, won first prize in Post 3404 Patriot's Pen essay contest. Congratulations to Trevor!

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